Landing page concept redesign for Cuckoo, a productivity timer for distributed teams. Cuckoo believes that meetings should be fun. So they created a tool that allows professionals to time-box their activities individually or remotely with team members.
Product Designer
Landing Page


- How can we promote the product through the landing page?

Cuckoo was created in a Hackathon, and because of the short time, a proper landing page to promote it wasn’t created.

Solution and Project kickoff

To start the redesign of the website I analyzed the product and wrote some of its key elements. Cuckoo was created for business with remote teams, so I emphasized features that can make the whole company more productive.  I took into consideration that the tool was created by Startaê, a design agency that has innovation and quality design in its core. The minimal and at the same time bold design shows these principles while also featuring the playful personality of the company and the fun aspect of the product.
The users are professionals and companies looking for a simpler and more fun way to work and have meetings. The design had to be simple, straight to the point when showing how it works and its features; at the same time, bring its fun aspect through the colors, illustrations, and typography.

Before start designing, I wrote all the key elements that had to be on the page and did this sketch before going to the prototype design.

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